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N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puerto Ricans    


Felisa Rincón de Gautier

Felisa Rincón de Gautier, was born in Ceiba on January 9, 1897.  A politician, she was driven by the hope that women would acquire the right to vote and motivated by the political ideals of leaders like Muñoz Marín.  She participated in the suffragist movements of 1930 and joined the Liberal Party.  In 1938 she helped organize the Popular Democratic Party.  In 1946 she was the first woman elected mayor of a capital city in all of America.  Under her leadership, San Juan initiated the transformation into the great urban center it is today.  She renovated the public health system, worked together with Ricardo Alegría to restore and conserve the historical structures of Old San Juan and provided housing and basic services to thousands of people.  She designed innovative public services like pre-school centers and opened the city hall to the public.  In 1954 she was awarded with the Woman of the Americas Award.  She retired in 1968 and died on September 16, 1994.


    Included in: Nation Masters Ecyclopedia : About Famous Puerto Ricans

    Included in: Science Daily Ecyclopedia: Famous Puerto Ricans

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