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N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puerto Ricans                                                  

Eugenio Maria de Hostos


Eugenio María de Hostos, was born in Mayagüez on January 11, 1839. An educator, writer and patriot, he was known as a Citizen of the Americas for having dedicated his life to the fight for Puerto Rican independence and Caribbean unity. In his works, spanning over twenty volumes, he covers topics such as politics, pedagogy, critics, biography and literature.  Some of his most important works include: "The Peregrination of Bayoán", "Hamlet", "Treaty on Psychology ", "Social Moral ", "Meditating" and "Lessons on Constitutional Law ". Hostos also founded and directed the first Normal School in the Dominican Republic, where he died on August 11, 1903. Many institutions has been named after him in Puerto Rico and Latin America.


Books of Eugene Maria de Hostos


Complete works , à ed. 20 volumes. 1939. San Juan: Coquí, 1969. Commemorative edition of the Government of Puerto Rico 1839-1939.

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