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N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puerto Ricans    


 Danny Rivera

Date of birth: 27 of February of 1945
Place: The Santurce, Puerto Rico

Music has been a way of life for Danny Rivera since he began singing in his humble native district of the Santurce, Puerto Rico. The bars of their vecindario were the first platform for his talent. Years Later he came to from formation in the choir of the evangelical church. Both experiences would always be recorded for in the personality of Danny Rivera that through his long route of successes, never has forgotten his simple origin and, already in the peak of the fame, has given of his time and his musical gift for benefit of charitable causes.

Danny saw fulfilled his vocation by the song, when receiving his first supply to sing in a hotel of San Juan with the popular orchestra of Caesar Conception. Chosen in the Festival of Popularity like Singing Revelation of 1968, the contracts of radio and television were not made hope.

His beginnings in the world of the disc occurred with the recording "Amor, Amor"/" Love, love " with the group The Clean Cuts. A year later signed contract with the record house Velvet, with  who he managed to begin to extend with force in pentagrams popular.

In 1969 he occupied first places of the lists with his versions of the subjects " Because I love to you " and " You were mine a summer ". To this other successes happened as they were " Manolo ",
"Mi viejo"/ " My old one ",Yo y la rosa " I and the rose " and Va cayendo una lágrima"/" Is falling a tear ". In 1971 he took the radio by assault with the subject " esucristo/Jesus Christ ". And a year later, his conquest was total with the launching of the album Mi hijo/" My son ", who includes successes as Tu pueblo es mi pueblo" Your town is my town ", Amada amante/" Loved loving " and Tantos deseos de ella/" So many desires of her ".

In his later stage of recordings with Velvet, Danny published in the national market classic subjects like " Odiame ",
Todos están sordos/ " All are deaf ",Vecino dame la mano/ " Neighboring dame the hand ",La distancia/ " the distance " and Qué daría yo/ " What would give I ". His double album, " Danny Rivera in concert ", engraving during his performances in the Theater Cinema 4 of Guaynabo, was one of the pioneering productions in his class during the decade of the 70.

Later, he recorded for the company Graffity, that was one of his greater successes in the international market: the album
Muy amigos" My friends " with to Eyddie Gorme. Directed by Don Costa, the theme Para decir adiós" to say good bye ", an original of Robertp Figueroa , he then became the  subject more of the production. And a later production, Alborada" Dawn ", made with the group of the same name, gave him to  national recognition  of the classic ones in the neofolklore of the 70.

He concluded his stage of recordings with the disquero seal, Danny continued recordings with T.H. of Venezuela, producing the classic
Serenata/" Serenade ", that includes his version of the Madrigal " subject (Being with you) ", an original of Don Felo.

In the middle of the decade of the 80, Danny incorporated his own producing studio, D.N.A., recording classic as
Así cantaba Cheíto González Vol. I y 2/" Thus Cheíto González Vol. I and II " and Inolvidable Tito" Unforgettable Tito ". He was also one of the key figures of pentagrams popularity that contributed in cleaning up the song book navideño with productions as Pido paz/" I request peace ", Controversia/" Controversy ", Los niños Jesús del mundo/" the children Jesus of the world ", Mi canción es paz" My song is peace " and Ofrenda/" Offering ".

In the record world, Danny Rivera has obtained to date three Gold records, four of Patumim, three nominations for the coveted Grammy Prize and countless awards and praises through Latin America. In Spain, where he lived three years, he recorded four albums under the trusteeship of Rafael Ferro, musical director of Julio Iglesias. Don Costa served to him as a mentor to record in Los Angeles. He has worked with Jim Page, recognized musical tie North American with contémparies artists of reputation such as Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie. He made his "Danny " album ", in the studies Lion Shares, of Kenny Rogers, collaborating with David Foster and other members of Totto.

Danny has shine his artistic dowries and countless personal presentations in maintenance centers and culture such as the Caribe Hilton, Madison Square Garden and Tropicana/Atlantic City. Also he has shared the scene with great lights like Julio Iglesais and Placid Domingo.

During the decade of the 90, the popular interpreter excelled in the record market with musical productions as
Canto a la humanidad/" Song to the humanity ", Tiempo al tiempo/" Time to  time " and " Daniel ", this last one dedicated to the memory of the unforgettable Anacobero, Daniel Santos.

Danny is the only Puerto Rican singer who has managed to act in three seasons different in the prestigious Carnegie Hall from New York. When the marking his third season there in February of 1999, He recorded it at that location. It became top of sales in his native Puerto Rico. And when closing the year his recording was chosen by the National Foundation for the Popular Culture like the Best Record Production of 1999.


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Danny Rivera

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