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N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puertorricans    

                                                      Carmen Jovet

Journalist, Commentator of the News and Producer Date of birth: 9 of June Place: Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
Well-known like "The News Lady", Carmen Jovet was distinguished from its childhood by its undeniable dynamism. Immersed in the extracurricular activities, the girl pleased to participate in different groups and companies from theater. She was in them, indeed, in where their qualities like signaller began to be developed. To the six years she already offered speeches and to the 12 it was all a oradora. Like so, she participated in trips by Latin America giving speeches on our nation. Of this form one went forging in her the security that as much characterizes it. After finishing the school superior she entered to the University of Puerto Rico at the age of 14 years. The young person received a scholarship of the institution, belonged to the list of honor of the president and in addition she managed to work while she studied. After to have completed, in three years, its baccalaureate in political sciences, began to work in WIPR (channel 6), in where first animated to the program "Club Six", that consisted of a panel of young students, and later worked in "Factory of Art". In this one, Carmen Jovet, entrevistó to artists and politicians in its places of work. Her first interview made to the famous producer of cinema and theater Elia Kazan. Another facet of its office was to do documentary and to be in charge of the tasks related to the art.
In 1968, Leopoldo Santiago Launderer, enchanted with the work of Carmen, it decides to invite it so that it participates in hearing that was being made for the election of a new member of the work group of "World-wide Panorama", reporter who of equal way spread by channel 6. Jovet passed the test and thus anchor of the Puerto Rican television became the first reporter. In this reporter also it toiled in the section of arts and sciences, and even fungió like informer of the conditions of the time. In later date the young mayagüezana got to incursionar like actress in melodramas. But being its fort the televising media the Carmen producer Rush recruited it to be part of "the 11 in the news", noticiario of channel 11 where Jovet became the first woman anchor of the television in Puerto Rico. From 1975 one evolved like independent producer of his own journalistic investigations. This way Producing National arose his company from called production. Between the works that were made by this company/signature they find the interview to which outside president of Venezuela, Mr. Carlos Andrés Perez, the tribute directed to Don Arturo Somohano, news articles related to the case of the Hill Wonder and the arrest of the actress Lydia Echevarría.

    Once again she returns to the field of the animation, to which it had incursionado in its beginnings, with the program "Saturday in Great", which it was transmitted by Wapa-TV, channel four. Later, it returns to the journalistic scope with "Carmen controversial Jovet", production that was transmitted by channel 2. The space allowed the journalist to investigate and simultaneously to obtain the reaction of the public. The program was transmitted to the 9:00 a.m. and broke record of hearings. On such reason the executives of the channel decided to produce a nocturnal special edition. Also by the same teledifusora the untiring signaller directed the program of interviews "Jovet in family". Time later "Controversial" was begun to transmit by channel 7. Soon this television station was united to channel 11 in where the journalist it was until it overcame his contract. In 1987 the governor Rafael Hernandez Columbus named protocolic coordinator for the visit of the King and Reina of Spain. Five years later one evolved like director of communications of the commission for the celebration of the Fifth Centenary of Encuentro of Two Worlds. Years later he returns to toil in Wapa-TV as presenter of the programs "Now we can speak" and a modern version of its "Controversial" takes place again. In the reporter of this channel the opinion of Carmen Jovet even had a titled section "" in where it offered publishing commentaries on the excellent events of world-wide occurring.

 Between the multiple recognitions that have received during their long one and productive race is, among others, the election like Lady Televisio'n by the Superior Council of the Art, was the first Hispanic woman in receiving a Honoris Doctorate Cause in Criminal Justice given by John Jay College of Criminal Justice of New York, in 1996 receives from the Dominican town and its ex-president, Joaquin Balaguer, the medal of the Order of Duarte Horseman, Sanchez and Mella becoming the fifth Puerto Rican to whom they grant such distinction to him; it receives from the Meeting of the Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico the prize Jose de Diego by the good use of the Spanish language; also the Association of Broadcasters grants a prize to him and the Government has distinguished it by his work like journalist and its years on watch in mass media. At the moment this enterprising woman stays activates in one of the channels of greater hearing of the country with her program "Now we can speak", transmitted by the Telemundo chain, and in addition continuous toiling in the radio.

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