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N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puerto Ricans                                                                


Antonio S. Pedreira

Antonio S. Pedreira, educator, writer, was born in San Juan. Puerto Rico on  the 13th of June,1899. He graduated as teacher of elementary school in the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), he initiated Medicine studies in the University of Columbia, in New York but he suspended them because it lacked economic resources. He returned to Puerto Rico, and in 1925, he graduated as bachelor in Arts, the UPR. In 1932 Pedreira  completed his doctorate in Philosophy and Letters in the Central University of Madrid. He was university professor of Spanish Literature in the University of Puerto Rico. He taught in the University of Columbia. He directed the Department of Hispanic Studies of the UPR, whose direction was trusted the years to him later. There he made his more fruitful work. All his literary production had as he puts to educate his town. His column of literary critic "Explanations and critics" that ihepublished in the World was a true intellectual light. He was founding co publisher and of the Indice magazine. In the 1934 it publishes one of his more important works Insularismo. The work studies ethnic factors that are based on the puertorriqueñismo: ameriindio, the Spanish and the African. Other books are: Edges (1930), Hostos, citizen of America (1932), the present time of the poor farmer (1935) and the terrible year of the 87 (1937). After a very productive career, he died the 23 of October of 1939.


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