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                                         N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puertorricans

                                                               Antonia Saez



She was born Antonia Saez. May 10th in Humacao, Puerto Rico in 1889 and she passed away June 23rd in Tokyo, Japan in 1964.
She finalized her secondary studies in her original town of Humacao as a teacher in 1908. From there on, she dedicated her life to teaching. She exerted the teaching there. She was a professor of Commercial Spanish in the Centro Superior School in Santurce, while she continued to studies in Pedagogia until completing her baccalaureate degree in 1928 and her Masters in Arts in 1930, after presenting and displaying her thesis "The Theater in Puerto Rico. The Spanish government granted her a scholarship and she continued to studies in Madrid. She obtained the Doctorate in Philosophy and letters.
She return to Puerto Rico and occupied the chair of methodology of the Spanish Faculty of Pedagogia of the University of Puerto Rico. She collaborated occasionally in several cultural magazines, with tests of literary critics, and published a series of books specialized in her academic area:"Las artes del lenguaje en la escuela elemental"/"The Arts of the Language in the Elementary School"(1944), "La lectura, arte del leguaje"/"The Reading, art of the Language"(1948), both honored by the Institute of Puerto Rican Literature. she also published "El curriculo de la Escula Elemental: La Enseñanza del Vernaculo"/"Curriculum of the Elementary School: the Education of Vernaculo"(1951), "Las artes del Lenguaje en la Escuela Secundria"/ "The Art of the Language in the Secondary School"(1952) and "Fundamentos Esenciales de la Enseñanza del Español"/"Essential Foundations of the Education of Spaish"(1959).
In 1964, she undertook a trip around the world, that she did not get to complete. She passed away unexpectedly in the capitol of japan. Three years later, A book of her memories appeared "Caminos del Recuerdo"/"Walking Memory"(1967).