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                                                N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puertor Ricans

                                                                  Alejandro Tapia y Rivera

    He was born on the 12 of November of 1826, in San Juan Puerto Rico. He is one the most important contributors tof the Puerto Rican culture formation. In 1951, during his exile in Spain, Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, in association with other Puerto Ricans constituted and association named; "Society for the Recollection of Historical Documents of San Juan the Baptist of Puerto Rico". He was pardoned in 1852 by the new governor Fernando de Norzagaray. After his return to the Island he contibuted to the foundation of the "Filarmnic Society of Puerto Rico for the Promotion of the Arts".  As a history investigator, recollected documents of Puerto Rico history and  in 1854  published the "Historical Library of Puerto Rico" which initiated the study of the documented history of Puerto Rico. He was a dramatist, essayist, novelist and poet. The palm of the cacique, Cofresí, the Sataniada and Mis Memorias are some of works of Tapia. He is considered The patriarch of the Puerto Rican letters . He died the 19 of 1882 July.the first author to achieve literary prominence was Alejandro Tapia y Rivera (1826-1882), mainly a playright. His plays include Roberto D'Evreaux (written when he was 21 years old), Bernardo de Palissy, La Cuarterona, Camoens and others.

Se designa el día 12 de noviembre, fecha del natalicio de Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, como el Día del Escritor Puertorriqueño. bio in spanish

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