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                                                N.Y. Encyclopedia of Famous Puerto Ricans

                                                                         Agustin Stahl

He was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, on the 21 of January of 1842. He was a doctor in medicine and  an investigator. He did the primary studies in his native town and the superior ones in Germany. He studied Medicine in the universities of Wartburg and  Prague, where he  graduated in 1864. After his return to the island he practice his profession and in addition to that made scientific contributiosn in the areas of etnology, botanic and zoology. For his  investigations he received recognitions of the Spain Anthropological Society, The Academy of Science of Barcelona and The Academy of Medical Sciences of Cataluña.
Some of his historical works are: "Notes on the Puerto Rican Flora", "Report on the disease of the sugar cane", "Puerto Rican Flora", "the Puertorican Indians", "the Fecundity of the woman in Puerto Rico", "Demographic Study", "Origins of Aguadilla" and "Origins of Bayamón". He was an active member of The Puerto Rican Autonomist Party. Due to his political ideals he lost the chair of Natural Sciences in the Civil Institute of Superior Education. He was exiled the 4 of May of 1898. He died in Bayamón, the 12 of July of 1917.

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